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THE LITTLE PRINCE by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

                                                              March 8th, 24

This story is still and has always been full of timeless and universal messages about friendship, love and loss.

Thanks to the actors of Vienna´s English Theatre for their energetic and creative performance!

Leon (3 b) about the ending of The Little Prince:


And as the Little Prince continued on his journey he thought about all experiences he had made and all the people he had met. His heart was big and his soul was free. The Little Prince flew through the whole universe and during the flight he thought that happiness is to have a good life and good friends and not to have much money. And finally he landed on his planet and all were happy, especially the rose.

Cinderella by Roald Dahl

The pupils of class 4a performed the original version of Dahl´s fairytale Cinderella. They were acting with great enthusiasm and joy. Have fun watching it.

Text & Video: Wilma Torreiter

                                                             December 21st 23

ENGLISH PROJECT WEEK 2023/24                                     

This special project before Christmas has become an integral part of our school life. So again our third-year students could indulge into an English only-week organized by “The Global English Teaching Academy”. The pupils were eager to take part in English games, a lot of conversation, role plays and grammar activities. This is the perfect way to have fun with learning! We are looking forward to next year´s project week.

Text: Zita Neumüller


Photos: Monika Huber, Zita Neumüller


OUR FINAL SHOW - Lights, camera, action!

Oktober 2023

Murder Case #23


Together with Chief Inspector Alkühn the class 4b was working on the murder case around Mr Murdoch! After an intense investigation the pupils tracked down two suspects: Mr Ford and Ms Miller. They were arrested the same day!

Case closed!


Text and photos: Mr. Georg Alkühn

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