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                                                             December 21st 23

ENGLISH PROJECT WEEK 2023/24                                     

This special project before Christmas has become an integral part of our school life. So again our third-year students could indulge into an English only-week organized by “The Global English Teaching Academy”. The pupils were eager to take part in English games, a lot of conversation, role plays and grammar activities. This is the perfect way to have fun with learning! We are looking forward to next year´s project week.

Text: Zita Neumüller


Photos: Monika Huber, Zita Neumüller


OUR FINAL SHOW - Lights, camera, action!

Oktober 2023

Murder Case #23


Together with Chief Inspector Alkühn the class 4b was working on the murder case around Mr Murdoch! After an intense investigation the pupils tracked down two suspects: Mr Ford and Ms Miller. They were arrested the same day!

Case closed!


Text and photos: Mr. Georg Alkühn

Sprachlicher Bereich